Difference Between Breathing And Respiration

Breathing is considered a continuous process that contains inhalation as well as exhalation. on the other hand, Respiration is a process in which food is broken down in the cells and releases energy. the basic difference between Breathing And Respiration is that breathing is a physical process, part of respiration, and takes place through respiratory organs like lungs, nose, etc. while respiration is a biochemical process, involves the release of energy, and takes place in the cells and organelles like mitochondria, etc.

Difference Between Breathing And Respiration in Tabular Form

Breathing  Respiration
Breathing is the process of inhaling oxygen from the environment and exhaling carbon dioxide back to it with the help of the lungs. It is a process where glucose and oxygen are broken down to produce energy which is used for cellular activities.
It is a biophysical voluntary process which happens in two stages i) inhalation and ii) exhalation. It is a biochemical involuntary process which takes place through i) glycolysis ii) Krebs cycle.
It takes place in the lungs or gills. Breathing takes place in the lungs. Also involves the nose, mouth and pharynx It takes place in cells. Respiration takes place in cells
No energy is produced in this process. Energy is produced in the form of ATP
Breathing is an extracellular process. Respiration is an intracellular process.
There are no enzymes used in this process. Many enzymes play a major role in respiration.
It takes place through the respiratory system. It takes place in each cell.
Breathing is voluntary as well as an involuntary physical process. (For example, breathing during sleep is involuntary. Voluntary breathing is observed when we sing, speak, swim or for relaxation techniques) Respiration is an involuntary chemical process.


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