Difference Between Cell and Battery

A cell is a unit of +ve and -ve electrodes which convert chemical energy into electrical energy. while a battery is a combination of two or more cells. the basic Difference Between Cell and Battery is that a cell is a secondary generator that receives electrons from an external generator and stores them for later use. the cell has one or more electrolytic cells. on the other hand, a battery is a primary generator that stores the potential to generate electrical energy to chemical energy.

Difference Between Cell and Battery in Tabular Form

Cell Battery
a cell is considered a single unit that is used to convert chemical energy into electrical energy. A battery is a combination of many cells grouped together.
there are many types of cells like reserve, dry, and well cells. they are depending on the types of electrolytes and molten salt used in them. a battery has two major types i.e. primary or secondary. the primary type is rechargeable while the second type is non-rechargeable.
it is lightweight and compact due to having a single unit in it. it is bigger, bulky, and heavier in size due to the use of many cells.
the power can provide for a short period of time with a cell. the power can be provided for a long duration of time.
they are considered very cheaply. they are considered very costly.
it is used for lighter tasks that are needed very lesser energy to perform work. usually, lamps, clocks, etc are being functional. usually, it is used for heavier tasks. for example, inverters, automobiles, inverters, etc.
cheaper in price. costly in price.

What is a Cell?

A cell is a single power generating unit that stores chemical energy and then converts it into electrical energy. a cell has two electrodes i.e. anode and cathode. it consists of an electrolyte which is a chemical compound that reacts with electrodes to produce an electric current.

Between electrodes and electrolytes, redox reactions take place in a cell. The electric current flows by an external circuit due to redox reactions. There are four kinds of a cell that are the dry cell, wet cell, fuel cell, and reserve cell. a cell that makes use of a liquid electrolyte and a dry cell makes of a powder electrolyte is called a wet cell.

What is Battery?

The battery is the collection of electrochemical cells which connect either in series or in parallel. it is a device that has two or more units of the electrochemical cell. In a battery, the cathode has a positive terminal while the anode has a negative terminal. A battery is divided into two types i.e. primary and secondary battery.

What is Primary Battery?

The battery which cannot be reused and is irreversible is called a primary battery. In primary batteries, chemical energy is present inherently.

What is a Secondary Battery?

The battery can be reused and recharged again and again is called a secondary battery. the chemical energy is induced in secondary batteries with the help of an external source.

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