Difference Between Cofactor And Coenzyme

A cofactor is a non-protein chemical compound having bounded either tightly or loosely to an enzyme or other protein molecules. on the other hand, Coenzyme is a small, organic, non-protein molecule carrying chemical groups between enzymes. the basic difference between Cofactor And Coenzyme is that cofactors are organic and inorganic compounds or substances that can assist in biological transformation. while enzymes are organic molecules or substances that can help the function of enzymes/ relative enzymes. they are considered part of the cofactor.

Difference Between Cofactor And Coenzyme in Tabular Form


Coenzyme Coenzyme
They bind to an enzyme It carries chemical groups between enzymes
Helper molecules Cosubstrates
Some cofactors covalently bound the enzyme Coenzyme loosely bound to enzymes
It can be removed only by denaturation Can be easily removed
Chemical compound Chemical molecule
Inorganic substances Organic substances
Two types of cofactors: Coenzyme and prosthetic groups It is a type of cofactor
Increase the speed of reaction They act as carriers
Metal ions such as k+, Zn 2+ are common examples. Biotin, Vitamin, Coenzyme A are common examples.


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