Difference Between Cytoplasm And Protoplasm

in the cytoplasm, the nucleus, and other organelles are not present. it only consists of a fluid portion. on the other hand, protoplasm includes the nucleus and other organelles inside their cell. it also consists of fluid portions and other organelles. the basic difference Between Cytoplasm And Protoplasm is that cytoplasm is enclosed by a cell membrane, possesses a gelatinous structure, can be divided into two cells during cytokinesis while protoplasm is enclosed by a nuclear envelope, possess a very highly gelatinous structure, and is released during the nuclear division. it can be refilled during the formation of a nuclear envelope.

Difference Between Cytoplasm And Protoplasm in Tabular Form

Cytoplasm Protoplasm
The cytoplasm is called a powerhouse of the cell. The cytoplasm is part of the protoplasm. Protoplast is considered a physical basis of life. Protoplasm contains cytoplasm along with cell membrane and nucleus.
The cytoplasm is fluid in consistency. Protoplasm is a colloidal semifluid in consistency.
Consists of cytosol + cell organelles Consists of cytosol + cell organelles + nucleus
The term is still relevant in modern biology The term is considered obsolete by today’s standards
Cytoplasm involves various organelles like the Golgi body, mitochondria, endoplasmic reticulum, lysosomes, ribosomes, etc., with the exception of the nucleus Protoplasm involves both the nucleus and cytoplasm. So, protoplasm = cytoplasm + nucleus
A jelly-like substance containing proteins, water, food reserves, and metabolic wastes. Protoplasm comprises carbohydrates, nucleic acid, proteins, lipids, and inorganic salts.
It does not include the nucleus. It does include the nucleus.
The cytoplasm is a part of the Protoplasm. The protoplasm includes cytoplasm.
It is also known as Protoplasm as it is a part of it. It is also known as protoplasma, metaplasm, primordialschlauch, bioplasm, etc.


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