Difference Between Effusion And Diffusion

the effusion is known as the movement of different gas molecules with the help of a tiny hole from one container to another which is measured with the help of Graham’s law at the same temperature. this is known as the rate of effusion. on the other hand, diffusion is the movement of gas molecules randomly in a container. the basic Difference Between Effusion And Diffusion is that in effusion, the diameter is smaller than the mean free path of gas molecules, it is a faster process than diffusion, and is very difficult to occur. while in diffusion, diameter is larger than mean free path of gas molecules, it is slower than effusion and easy to occur.

Difference Between Effusion And Diffusion in Tabular Form

Effusion Diffusion
It occurs when gas molecules escape through a pinhole into a vacuum. It occurs when one gas mixes with another usually by thermal random motion resulting in the collision between each other while releasing molecular energy.
The ability of the gas to travel through a tiny opening. the ability of the gases to mix, normally when there is an absence of a barrier.
Effusion occur when the aperture or size of the hole is much smaller Diffusion occurs when there are no holes present or when the holes in the barrier.
In effusion, the particles tend to move faster than diffusion The Rate is limited and depends on the size and the kinetic energy of the other particles.

Effusion vs Diffusion – Overview

diffusion is a process that occurs from the holes of container. to occur this, holes should have been larger than the free path of the gas. on the other hand, effusion is a reverse process in which holes are smaller than the free path of the gas. but, both are considered the properties of gases and cause little confusion to understand the phenomenons to students. although both phenomena are different and reverse of each other, but are related to gases, the flow rate of gases, and factors affecting them.

What is diffusion?

it is a gas expansion process to a new volume through a barrier with the help of holes. these holes are always larger than the free path of the gas. this free path is called the mean free path and is the average distance of the travel of gas molecules before colliding with other molecules.

but, when there is no barrier or container around the gas molecules, large holes cover the boundary between gas and new volume. it is a slower process than effusion due to the limitation of the size and kinetic energy of the molecules of gas.

What is an effusion?

it is a leakage property of gas molecules. this leakage allows molecules to move with high pressure to the low-pressure surfaces with the help of small holes. this process is known as the expansion of gas through the walls of the container with the help of different small holes. these small holes have always a diameter smaller than the free path of the gas.

the effusion process is considered faster than diffusion because in this process gas molecules do not move around other molecules. hence, negative pressure on the gas accelerates the outflow process.

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