Difference Between Fluid And Liquid

A liquid is one of the states of matter, on the other hand, a fluid is a state of a specific substance. the basic  Difference Between Fluid And Liquid is that liquid is one of the three phases of matter that also flows and does have not a definite shape. while the fluid is a specific condition for certain substances that can flow has some viscosity. fluids include liquids in them.

Difference Between Fluid And Liquid in Tabular Form

Fluid Liquid
Fluid is the condition of a substance that deforms and flows constantly A liquid takes the shape of a container that flows and does not resist force when applied to them.
It is a common state of certain substances. It is a state of matter others are solid, gas and plasma.
Fluid has some viscosity and can flow. Liquids also flow and it has volume
Fluid may or may not have some level of viscosity Liquid has volume but no shape
E.g. Water, honey, and air, etc. E.g. blood, milk, and wine, etc.
Fluid has lacks rigidity it cannot resist force when it is applied to it. Liquids are relatively incompressible.

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