Difference Between Frog And Toad

Difference Between Frog And ToadFrog and toad are both families of amphibians. They belong to the order of the Anurans. However, at first glance they are different, Frog and toad belong to the same family and have some common characteristics. They are sometimes confused. Both species inhabit areas with humidity, as well as lakes and rivers. Frogs and toads are amphibians. The basic difference between frog and toad is that Frog needs to be close to water to survive, whereas Toad spends a lot of time out of the water. In this post, we highlight some of their main differences and similarities so, you can learn more about them.


Frogs and toads are animals that we have seen countless times in movies and television series. It is important to know what are the main differences between the two species. The toads are drier, rougher, and rougher, while that of frogs is smooth and wet. The Toads can stay longer on dry land, away from humid areas. This is because they have more control of the water in their body. On the other hand, frogs live in lakes and ponds, although they can come to the earth’s surface for food. There is something that worries a lot about toads, and it is that most toads are poisonous while almost none of the frog species have venom.

Characteristics of Frogs

The main characteristics of frogs are listed below:

  • The fingers of frogs are webbed, with interdigital membranes (between the fingers), due to their greater adaptation to the aquatic environment.
  • The legs are also strong and skillful.
  • Frogs can jump and also climb rocks, plants, and trees with agility.
  • Some frogs are very poisonous, their venom being much more deadly than that of jesters.

Characteristics of Toads

The main characteristics of toads are given below:

  • Toads are more detached from the aquatic environment.
  • The skin is more thick and rough than frogs, as with warts.
  • They inhabit muddy areas where they can excavate small galleries.
  • Some Toads have spurs on their hind legs to do so.
  • They have no teeth.
  • The parotoid glands are located behind the head, which produces the toxins that give them their smell and poisonous effect.

Similarities Between Frog and Toad

Frog and toad are both families of amphibians. They belong to the order of the Anurans, so there are also several similarities between frog and toad and that are listed below:

  • Both belong to the order of the Anuran
  • Both lay eggs.
  • Its life cycle shares the metamorphosis from tadpole to adult.
  • They need moisture.
  • They breathe through the skin.
  • In addition, when they are tadpoles they combine this respiration with the branchial respiration and as adults, they combine it with the pulmonary one.

Major Differences Between Frogs and Toads

  • Frogs come from the Ranidae family, while toads come from the Bufonidae family.
  • Frogs have soft, moist, smooth, or slightly granulated skin. On the other hand, Toads have rough skin.
  • Frogs have a slimmer and more stylized appearance compared to toads, which are characterized by being wider and more chubby in appearance.
  • A Frog has a slimmer and more stylized appearance, while toads have not slimmer appearance, which is characterized by being wider and more chubby in appearance.
  • Frogs have longer limbs. Their legs are longer and thinner, the hind legs are webbed. It makes it easier for them to jump. On the other hand, Toads have shorter limbs and do not have long legs for jumping. They have more terrestrial habits.  A toad is also more walkers than jumpers.
  • The main difference between them is that the frog’s eggs remain in clusters or groups While the toads lay their eggs in lines or chains, on the leaves of aquatic plants.
  • They are dependent on water. Amphibian life, especially reproduction, is associated with water
  • They depend to varying degrees on the availability of freshwater for reproductive success.

Difference Between Frog and Toad In Tabular Form

Difference Between Frog and Toad


What is bigger a frog or a toad?

A toad is generally a much larger, sturdier, and heavier species. The large toads can feed on small rodents or snakes. Giant toads weighing almost 3 kilos have been recorded. Generally, we can say that a toad is larger than a frog, but that it depends on the specific species that we are comparing.


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