Difference Between Herbivores And Carnivores

the basic difference between Herbivores And Carnivores is that herbivores are those that feed on plants and their products e.g. cows, goats, deer, etc. their ratio of mouth to head is small, and consume food from their mouth will small opening. they also have broad, short, and sharp teeth to grind and chew plants, leaves grains, and seeds while carnivores are those animals that feed on the flesh of other animals e.g. lions, tigers, and leopards, etc. their ratio of mouth to head is very large, and use their teeth for tearing and flesh apart with their large mouth opening. also, they possess long sharp, and curved incisors and canines to tear flesh.

Difference Between Herbivores And Carnivores in Tabular Form

Herbivores Carnivores
Herbivores include those animals that depend on plants or plant products for their food and nutrition.

The primary food source of herbivores is almost exclusively plants or plant-based sources


Carnivores are those animals that consume only meat of other animals.

The primary food source of carnivores is meat – which is derived from other animals.

The herbivores have got broad and flat teeth that help them to grind and smash the food such as leaves, seeds etc. The carnivores possess long and sharp claws. They also have sharp and strong teeth that help them to tear through the flesh of other animals.
The Herbivores animals have a special kind of carbohydrate digestive enzyme in their saliva. The carnivores animals do not have any kind of carbohydrate digestive enzyme.
The Herbivores have a special ability to detoxify Vitamin A. Unlike Herbivores, the carnivores have no such special ability to detoxify vitamin A.
The Herbivores have a complex facial muscle. The Carnivores have got reduced facial muscles.
They have a very large intestine which is 10-12 times of their body length. They have a small intestine as compared to herbivores, and it is 3-6 times of their body length.
Their urine is moderately concentrated. Their Urine is extremely concentrated.
The ratio of their head to mouth is comparatively smaller than carnivores. The ratio of their head to mouth is large.
Based on the type of plant material herbivores eat, they can be categorized into 4 types. Seed eaters (granivores), leaf eaters (folivores), fruit eaters (frugivores) and nectar feeders (nectarivore) Carnivores can further be classified into obligate carnivores and facultative carnivores. Obligate carnivores rely entirely on meat while facultative carnivores can survive on a combination of meat and non-animal food.
Most herbivores have several stomach chambers. They also have a comparatively longer digestive tract than carnivores. Such animals with multiple stomach chambers are called ruminants Carnivores have a much simpler digestive system. They also have only one stomach chamber with a shorter digestive tract.
Example: Cow, Goat, Elephant. Example: Wolf, Hyena, Tiger.


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