Difference Between Morbidity And Mortality

the basic difference between Morbidity And Mortality is that Morbidity is the measurement of risk in a person that lives with a debilitating condition. this condition directly impacts their ability to independently functions. on the other hand, Mortality is also a measurement of the risk in which the person dies earlier than the average life expectancy.

Difference Between Morbidity And Mortality in Tabular Form

Morbidity Mortality
The state of being unhealthy or diseased State of being mortal
Refers to Count of ill health in a population.Morbidity rate is the frequency of individuals affected by a disease. Refers to Count of number of deaths in a population
Mortality rate or death rate is the number of deaths per 1000 people.
Database belongs to World Health Statistics by WHO Database belongs to The Human Mortality Database developed
Morbidity rate Based on the type of disease, gender, age, etc. Mortality rate Child mortality rate, crude death rates, infant mortality rate, the maternal mortality rate, etc.
Measured by ICU scoring systems Measured by Number of deaths for every thousand people
It is the condition of being ill It is the state of being mortal
Illness may be the result of either acute or chronic disease. Causes of death can be several. Morbidity may or may not be one of the reasons.


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