Difference Between Open And Closed Circulatory Systems

in the open circulatory system, the blood flow through lacunae or sinuses. on the other hand, in the closed circulatory system, the blood flows through vessels. the basic difference between Open And Closed Circulatory Systems is that the hemocoel is a body cavity that contains blood and the exchange of materials is direct between blood and body cells. while in closed circulatory system connects the blood directory with body tissues, flowing of blood is at low pressure, body tissues do not directly connect, blood flows at high pressure through vessels, exchange of materials takes place through tissue fluid

Difference Between Open And Closed Circulatory Systems in Tabular Form

Open Circulatory System Closed Circulatory System
The hemolymph directly bathes the organs and tissues. The blood circulates within closed vessels.
The blood and interstitial fluid cannot be distinguished. Blood and interstitial fluid are distinct.
Present in molluscs and arthropods. Present in annelids and vertebrates.
Blood is pumped into the body cavity. Blood is pumped through the vessels by the heart.
Dorsal blood vessel present. Dorsal and ventral blood vessels present.
Capillary system is absent. Capillary system is present.
Blood is in direct contact with the surrounding tissues. Blood is not in direct contact with the tissues.
Nutrients are exchanged directly between blood and tissues. The nutrients are exchanged via tissue fluid.
No transport of gases. Gases are transported.
The fluid flowing in this system is called hemolymph. Fluid flowing in this system is called blood.
No respiratory pigments are present. Respiratory pigments are present.
The volume of blood cannot be controlled. The volume of blood can be controlled by the contraction and relaxation of blood vessels.
Blood flow is slow. Blood flow is rapid.
The open spaces are called sinuses and lacunae. Closed spaces involve arteries and veins.
Organisms with OCS: Snails, clams, cockroaches and spiders. Organisms with CCS: Humans, squids, cats, earthworms.


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