Difference Between Pharynx And Larynx

The pharynx and larynx are two components or structures found in the neck region of the vertebrate.  The pharynx is the digestive and respiratory systems and lacks a vocal cord. On the other hand, the larynx is part of only the respiratory system, and it is where the vocal cord is found. The major difference between pharynx and larynx is that the pharynx is the main part of the alimentary canal that starts from the nasal cavity and mouth to the larynx and esophagus. Whereas, a larynx is the trachea’s upper part. Food and air pass by the pharynx. The food enters the esophagus and air enters the larynx. The larynx’s wall is made up of cartilage. The larynx is also known as the vocal box because it is composed of vocal cords.  The air produces sound as pass through the larynx. In this article, given below in a tabular column are the major differences between pharynx and larynx.

Difference Between Pharynx And Larynx In Tabular Form

The membrane-lined cavity behind the nose and mouth connect them to the larynx and esophagus, respectively. The muscular organ forms an air passage for the lungs and vocal cords.
The pharynx is the main part of both parts of the respiratory and digestive systems. The larynx is part of the respiratory system.
Does not consist of vocal cords. Made up of vocal cords.
The walls are made up of muscles. Its walls are made up of cartilage.
The oropharynx, nasopharynx, and laryngopharynx are three major regions of the pharynx. The larynx is made up of four oropharynges, the nasopharynx, and the laryngopharynx.
It refers to a region. It refers to an organ.
Food and air pass by the pharynx The air produces sound as pass through the larynx.

Pharynx Vs. Larynx – Key Difference

Both Larynx and pharynx are structures present in the neck region of vertebrates. The pharynx is a fibro-muscular tube that runs from the base of the skull to the esophagus. On the other hand, the larynx is the apparatus composed of cartilage, muscles, mucous membranes, and ligaments that protect the entrance to the lower respiratory tract such as the bronchi, the trachea, and the lungs. It opens into the trachea. The larynx is also made up of vocal cords. The food and air pass through the pharynx.

What is the pharynx?

The region posterior to the oral and nasal cavities and the larynx is called a pharynx. The pharynx is the wide muscular tube. It is longer in length that can be as long as 4-5 inches in most cases. There are six muscles that are responsible for the voluntary actions of the pharynx. These pharynx muscles help in the act of swallowing.

What is The Pharynx Function?

The pharynx is the continuation of the digestive cavity that provides a route from the oral cavity to the esophagus. The pharynx also communicates with the nasal cavity, the larynx, and with the middle ear cavity.

What is the structure of the Pharynx?

The pharynx is often described from an interior perspective and an external view. The interior of the pharynx can be divided into three regions…!

  • Nasopharynx
  • Oropharynx
  • Laryngopharynx

The nasopharynx performs a respiratory function by conditioning the inspired air and extending it to the larynx.

The oropharynx is located between the soft palate and the upper border of the epiglottis and is the middle region of the pharynx. Voluntary and involuntary phases of swallowing are involved in the oropharynx.

The Laryngopharynx lies b/w upper border of the epiglottis and lower border of the cricoid cartilage. It contains the middle and inferior pharyngeal constrictors.

What is the Larynx?

It is a hollow muscular organ that contains an airway to the lungs and houses the vocal cords. It is also a strong, flexible segment of the respiratory tract which connects the pharynx with the trachea in the neck.

The Larynx Function

The larynx plays a key role in the respiratory tract by allowing the air to pass through it while preventing food and drink from blocking the airways. It contains the vocal cords and is also known as the voice box of the body. The larynx plays important role in breathing and speech.

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What is the larynx structure?

The larynx consists of three sections:

  • Supralarynx
  • Larynx
  • Sublarynx

The larynx is made up of:

  • Oropharynges
  • Nasopharynx
  • Laryngopharynx.


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