Difference Between Plasma And Serum

Plasma and serum are important parts of the blood. Blood is made up of white blood cells, and red balloons, plasma, serum. The main difference between plasma and serum is in their clotting factors. The substance which is essential in blood clotting is called fibrinogen. The basic difference between plasma and serum is that Plasma contains this fibrinogen if serum and plasma are separated from the blood, the plasma still retains the fibrinogen that helps to clot. On the other hand, the serum is the part of the blood that remains after removing this fibrinogen. Blood serum is primarily water is dissolved with protein, hormones, minerals, and carbon dioxide. It is a very important source of electrolytes.

What is Plasma?

  • Plasma is a clear, yellowish liquid that is the main part of the blood.
  • Plasma is also found in intramuscular fluids or lymph.
  • This is the part of the blood that consists of fibrin and other clotting factors.
  • Plasma makes up 56% of the total blood volume. Water is the main component of blood.

What is Serum?

  • The serum is the liquid part of the blood after clotting.
  • They contain 5-8% of the proteins that make up the blood. They are roughly evenly divided between albumin and serum globulins.
  • When blood is drawn and left to clot, the clot shrinks after some time.
  • The serum is squeezed out once this clot is reduced.
  • Proteins in serum are normally separated by a process called electrophoresis.

How do medical professionals divide the various components of blood?

If you donate blood, it is separated into several parts, so that it can be given to specific patients. Blood is separated into proteins (albumin etc.), red blood cells, and white blood cells. This helps hospitals in the personalized treatment of several patients. For example, when a patient has liver failure, blood plasma may be given along with clotting factors. It is also given to patients who have problems with blood clotting.It is a very complicated process. Blood plasma is prepared to be spun in a test tube containing blood, in a centrifuge until the blood cells are isolated at the end of the tube. Once this is done, the plasma is separated. Blood plasma normally has a density of 1,024 kg / L.

The most wonderful thing about this plasma is that it can be stored for even 10 years from the date it was collected.

Blood Plasma is the cell-free part of the blood and is usually treated with anticoagulants.


  • Blood Plasma is the part of the blood that contains both serum and clotting factors. While Serum is the part of blood that remains after clotting factors such as fibrin have been removed.
  • Plasma contains clotting factors and water. While serum contains proteins such as albumin and globulins.

FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions)

How is serum taken from the blood?

To separate the serum from the blood, it must be centrifuged at 1650 g for about10 minutes at room temperature. These factors reduce platelet contamination. You should grab the serum that is at the top of the centrifuged tube and avoid grabbing the gel or clot.

What is blood serum?

Blood serum is the result of allowing it to clot and eliminates the clot. It is equivalent to blood plasma, but without involving the proteins that are seen in fibrinogen.

How is plasma obtained from blood?

  • Blood plasma is separated by the homostatic factors by blood clotting.
  • Plasma is generally sandy, salty, and translucent yellowish color.

What are the proteins found in the blood?

  • Albumins
  • Lipoproteins.
  • Globulins
  • Fibrinogen

What components does the serum have?

  • Electrolytes
  • Water
  • Carbon
  • Some expanding polysaccharides.

What is blood plasma and what is it for?

  • Blood plasma is a substance rich in platelets so it is very useful in the medical field.
  • In the Orthopedic field, it is used for plastic and dental surgery
  • It also serves in the field of dermatology
  • Its efficiency is given by its capacity in wound healing and skin rejuvenation.

What is the key difference between plasma and serum?

  • plasma contains serum and coagulation factors, if coagulants such as fibrin have been eliminated, this liquid becomes serum.



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