Difference Between Purines And Pyrimidines

Purines are heterocyclic aromatic organic compounds that are consist of a pyrimidine ring. this ring is fused in an imidazole ring. on the other hand, Pyrimidines are also heterocyclic aromatic organic compounds and are very similar to pyridine and benzene. they contain a ring with six members in which two nitrogen atoms exist on positions 1 and 3 of the six members ring. the basic difference Between Purines And Pyrimidines is that purines contain 2 carbon-nitrogen rings with 4 nitrogen atoms, their melting and boiling points are very high, synthesized by Traube purine, and during the catabolism, urine is produced while Pyrimidines have a ring of single carbon and nitrogen with 2 nitrogen atoms. their melting and boiling points are low and are synthesized by biginellibeta amino acids and carbon dioxide is produced in catabolism.

Difference Between Purines And Pyrimidines in Tabular Form

Purines Pyrimidines
Purine is a heterocyclic aromatic organic compound composed of a pyrimidine ring fused with an imidazole ring. Pyrimidine is a heterocyclic aromatic organic compound that is composed of carbon and hydrogen.
It comprises adenine and guanine as nucleobases. It comprises Cytosine, thymine, uracil as nucleobases
It consists of two hydrogen-carbon rings and four nitrogen atoms It consists of one hydrogen-carbon ring and two nitrogen atoms
The melting point of purine is 214 °C The melting point of pyrimidine is 20-22 °C
Catabolism results in the production of uric acid Catabolism produces carbon dioxide, beta-amino acids and ammonia
source is Adenine and Guanine within DNA and RNA. source isThymine in DNA, Uracil in RNA only, Cytosine in RNA and DNA both.
Purines are bigger in size. Pyrimidines are smaller in size.
Purines have one pentose and one hexose ring. Pyrimidines have one hexo-cyclic ring.
The chemical formula of purine – C5H4N4 The chemical formula of pyrimidine – C4H4N2
Purines are soluble in water. Pyrimidines are insoluble in water.
Purine has a higher melting point – 214°C Pyrimidine has a lower melting point – 22°C


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