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YouTube Vanced (Blue)

Download YouTube Blue APK | September 2021

youtube blue apkYou all love YouTube Blue APK to watch YouTube videos and you have it as your default YouTube Blue on the phone. It is an app made by Google, which means that every time there are ads in a video they’re for their services or products (either way this can get annoying). Sometimes these advertisements start at the beginning of each clip while other times viewers will be bothered throughout their viewing experience with popups appearing out nowhere–sometimes even during key moments!

YouTube Blue APK Additional Information

 Name YouTube Blue
 Compatible with Android 4.2+
 Last version 16.16.38
 Size 33 MB
 Category Video Players & Editors
 Developer Team Vanced
 Price Free

Latest YouTube Blue APK Features

YouTube Blue Apk is a Supper And free Apk app that comes with all the standard features of YouTube. It also allows you to watch videos, share them on social media sites like Facebook or Twitter, download music for offline viewing (saving on data), as well as search within your favorite categories right from inside this mobile version!

  • Ad-blocker

    • It has built-in ad-blocking which allows me or anyone else who uses it enjoy watching clips from YouTube without having any distractions like those pesky commercials at random times during playback – even if there’s an important point being made within that particular clip; for example when somebody tells jokes about celebrities (I’m looking right
  • Playback

    • When you search for other content outside of YouTube, you can play any video in the background. This feature is also available in the premium version of YouTube.
  • HDR Mode

    • This version of the YouTube Blue Apk App also offers high dynamic range video quality.
  • Zoom in

    • The YouTube Blue Apk also provides zoom-in and zoom-out functions, just pinch and zoom out on the screen for you to zoom in and out.
  • Resolution

    • You can select the resolution value. You can select the minimum or maximum resolution on the blue youtube apk app. You can choose which resolution as per your choice.
  • Theme

    • One and all want to change the Desing and color of whatever social media platform they use. Official YouTube apk does not have this functionality. But YouTube offers the ability to switch between multiple topics.
  • Window Style

    • Window style means reducing the screen size when browsing other videos using youtube blue download the latest version, or if you want to search for another video but don’t want to close the video currently playing, you can choose the window style.
  • Repeat Videos

    • The repeat of the video is your choice. If you want to repeat a specific video over and over again, you can choose from the settings.However, if you want to play the entire playlist on loop, you can also do that by changing the settings in YouTube settings.
  • Download Videos

    • You can later be viewing Any Video Then Download your favorite video using the youtube blue app. The downloaded video will be available in offline mode later.But keep in mind that after 2-3 days the downloaded video needs to sync again and requires the correct internet connection.
  • Recommendation

    • It will only recommend the videos you choose. Like all  Blue YouTube, the official version and the modified version can use the n algorithm. It will therefore only recommend the videos that interest you,
  • Watch later

    • If you want to watch a video but are in a rush, you can add the video to the list to watch later. Videos that you add to the watch later list will only be available in online mode


As it is obvious that you can find all the features of YouTube on YouTube Blue Apk. Along with that, its built-in ad-blocking features make it before YouTube official. Along with that, it is a very lightweight app and it won’t let your Android device fall behind.


Q: What is the difference between YouTube and YouTube blue?

YouTube is Google’s official site, and YouTube blue apk is a modified version of YouTube, which also has ad-blocking features.

Q: What is the difference between YouTube Blue and YouTube Vanced?

Both are the same apk apps. The term YouTube Vanced is also used for YouTube Blue app.

Q: Is YouTube Blue is available on the google play store?

As this is a Modded version, it is not available in the Google Play Store, but you can download it directly from our website by clicking on the link. Download button exists

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